Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Bull Dog, Tortoise and Red Fox F5 mandolins are here!

The Bull Dog

This is the top of the line F5 model mandolin.  Al calls it The Bull Dog because of his own pup whom he named the company after: Mo.  The mandolin is beautiful to look at with its hand-carved top, scroll and its binding, "tobacco" finish.  This model is very popular with the bluegrass group.

Mandomo Bull Dog
The Bull Dog - Bluegrass Mandolin
The Bull Dog has been constructed with a hand-carved solid spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, flamed maple neck, pearl inlay fret markers, pearl inlay Mando Mo Logo, ebony binding, nut width standard 1 1/8" or wide nut version 1 3/16", bone nut, tobacco finish, adjustable bridge, adjustable truss rod. The instrument was hand-carved and constructed with air-dried (3-5 years) tonewood, top tap-tuned to A440 frequency.  Buy yours here

Here's a video of the Bull Dog

The Tortoise

A few years ago, the company that assembles Mandomo products made a binding suggestion that Al liked: faux tortoiseshell.  Now for those of you who don't know, tortoiseshell is illegal here in the United States.  I own a tortoiseshell pick that I got back in the 1970s when it was legal.  I love it.  It's gorgeous to look at and warms up when you hold it in your hand.  This tortoiseshell binding is simply lovely.  It makes the instrument stand out and look unique.  The binding goes around the top AND back, something that most Eastman mandolins do not, for example.  This is a bluegrass mandolin, meaning it has the chop, projection and bright sound you'd expect from an F5 mandolin.

Mandomo Tortoise
The Tortoise - Bluegrass Mandolin

The Tortoise has been constructed with flamed maple back, sides and neck, solid spruce top,
Brekke adjustable bridge, high quality Optima strings imported from Germany, Tusq Nut, 18:1 Tuners. Top Tap Tuned to A440 Frequency.

Here's what one of the customers says about it: "The mandolin was everything I asked for. Beautiful maple sides and back. The inlays on the fretboard and headstock and binding were solid and clean. The mandolin is very well made, I had no issues with any of the craftsmanship of the instrument. I am sure you would be pleased with your purchase." ~ Greg Short, Brinkhaven, OH

Here's a video of the Tortoise:

The Red Fox

This latest F5-style mandolin is gorgeous to look at, and has a beautiful well-rounded tone with a lot of projection. A group of Celtic mandolin players loved the way it sounds recently, suggesting it would make a wonderful addition to any traditional Celtic or Classical ensemble.

Mandomo Red Fox
The Red Fox - Celtic Mandolin
"I just love the tone of this instrument. I play mostly Celtic music and so I want something with a sweet gentle tone, not a big brassy "barky" sound. " ~ Deb N., South Hadley MA

Each Red Fox comes with: Mahogany back, sides and neck, solid Sitka spruce top, Rosewood fretboard, nickel silver hardware, standard 1 1/8" bone nut (other sizes are available by special order, please ask), adjustable ebony bridge, 13 7/8" scale length, abalone headstock Mando Mo logo, Pearl snow flake dots, white side dot color, natural satin or gloss nitro finish (please ask). The instrument was hand-carved and constructed with air-dried (3-5 years) tonewood, top tap-tuned to A440 frequency.

Here's a video about the Red Fox

Other mandolins, guitars and ukuleles:

Mandomo Strings makes a few other styles of mandolins, guitars and ukuleles.  I can't list them all here because there are so many.  I suggest you head over to the website, though, and read about them for yourself.

If you want to try any of the instruments and you're local (Massachusetts), please let me know and we can set up a date/time.  I'm always around and happy to share them with you!

Mandomo Strings & Brekke Bridges

Mandomo Strings is the East Coast Distributor of Bridger Products' Brekke Bridges

The Original Brekke Bridge
The "Original Brekke Bridge" U.S. Pat. No.  6,031,165, shown above, was licensed to Sound To Earth, Weber Mandolins.  With the sale of Sound To Earth to Two Old Hippies, the bridge design returned and is sold through Mandomo Strings in Holyoke, MA.   The original bridge has updated with several new changes and improvements.  It is also available with either an ebony or a maple base.

You can adjust string action under full tension which in itself is a great innovation. No more loosening the strings lowering the adjustable bridge and then tightening only to find out the strings buzz. I was able to set my action to pinpoint accuracy. I was able to set that Flatiron up to play like butter.

"I have used a a traditional Brekke on my custom Bitteroot and I swear by it. I like it so much, I asked Don Paine to put one on my Pomeroy two-point.  I get a powerful chop with my mandolin, more so than any mandolin I've played. I like to think the traditional Brekke has facilitated my chop. I also love the muscular look. Here's a picture of it on my Bitteroot. Notice the high action I used to have. I have it significantly lower now." ~ Kevin Briggs

"I was curious as well about the Brekke, having some reservations about what brass in the saddle might do to the tone, but I can say without hesitation that I sense nothing negative about it. I like the concept and the problems- short and long term- that it addresses." ~ Don Paine